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Supernatural and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

"what if flowers grew where sinners walked? then earth would be more beautiful than it is right now, because the world is blooming with them; more the sinners than the flowers"




seriously go vote for laverne cox in this like fuck does a cis man get more attention for a shit portrayal of transwomen than u know, an actual living transwoman

Be sure to vote ‘yes’ for Laverne Cox, but also remember to vote ‘NO’ for that piece of shit Jared Leto

It’s called acting. for example, gay people can portray straight people and vice versa. You don’t even know how much Jared went through to try to understand and correctly portray a transgender woman. He wanted to make Rayon as real as possible and show the world the real struggles of transgendered lives. He wanted to do the transgender community justice and he wanted to make them proud. Lastly, go ahead and promote the person in your favor, but it’s very rude and inhumane to demote someone else.

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why don’t the boys wear iron rings so they can just punch ghosts in the face?




  • holy water guns
  • salt filled hula hoops
  • exorcism voice memos
  • rugs with devil’s traps on them

someone’s taking notes


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Happiness is like the weather. Sometimes it’s rainy, sometimes it’s sunny, and you gotta just go through and accept what’s there in front of you

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Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

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Oscar winner Jared Fucking Blow Me Leto said : 

" I’m gonna have to tell them they can suck my fucking proverbial dick - Well guess what, they can kiss my fucking ass, it’s over - That’s 97? Well fuck that, we gotta do 3 more - Jesus Christ, will somebody shut that fucking dog ? - This is all fucked up, man - They deserve the fucking desaster - Fucking idiots, man - You should be a fucking poet, I think a just caught your cold - I need breakfast before I face this shit - Chef Leto, the cook from the guetto - Blow me. Blow me. Blow me, you fuckers - Just don’t take a shit on my fucking head, buddy - Fuck her and fuck you, and fuck your tree, god dammit - I work for years on these fucking pancakes - So anybody who says we are doing this for money can suck it - You freaks, you perverts - Don’t spam your country, nobody cares - I need that damn hat, dammit - I want your on your bed, screaming - I’m a strict teacher, I will punish you if you don’t do as your told - Rock’n’roll ain’t easy, baby - I tried calling the company, they don’t answer the fucking phone. So Mountain Valley spring water, answer your fucking phone man - I got too much fucking hair - You don’t have to be straight to appreciate my fucking ass - Don’t tell anybody but we’re all sexual poeple - I can twerk better than most of the poeple of this planet, honey, if you only knew - My ass is perfect, really - Clothes are optionnal - Fucking Iphone - This is thirty seconds to mars, you know what it’s like : chocolat and peanuts butter, the yin and the yang, salt and pepper, skin on skin - If you’re out there, son, daughter, send me a text or tweet - Yes of course, I’m handsome - Failure is your friend, remember that. But wait, have we ever meet with it ? - Favorite book. Fifty shades of grey - I will open the fucking door, it’s a little to hot in here already - What a fucking pen is this ? - Thank you for getting my Oscar dirty with your fingertips - I bet this is the first person to ever give their Oscar away for an orgy in a press room, my god - Pass it around, but if you have swine flu, please don’t touch - Once in a while we make love. But you know, once in a while - You don’t think I have the legs to attract a decent dude ? - You don’t achieve sexual nirvana or as they say, blow your load, for quite some time - Testicles sound like icicles and I was wondering how you could combine them - Hey, how’s it going? Oh no questions okay thanks guys, see you later - I’m just an animal all around - Spike Jonze could nall this : a movie about a movie about a movie about who put that person in a movie - Somebody is really fucking wasted here - Did you guys have any idea I was this weird ? You did ? Fuck you - If they don’t stand up, I’m gonna sit down for the rest of this fucking show - I can’t feel my fingers, Jesus fucking Christ - A good lover always leaves something for the second date, translate among yourselves - By the way you guys, how are you so cool ? My god, I was such a pig when I was your age. Covered in mud and poop - Don’t pull my penis off, I need that, especially after the show tonight - I have something really important to say, I love you and I want you to have my baby - It’s really fucking cold up here, actually my fingers are freezing. Yes, my nipples are hard - If I choke on this cough drop, somebody please come and resuscitate me ? - This is like premature ejaculation or something, I don’t know. Hold on, it’s getting stronger, wait for me honey, almost there, I can feel it, come on ! Turn that motherfucker up, let’s go - And I gonna give them a photocopy of my penis in case you wanna look at that - Come say hello, look into my eyes and i will get you pregnant. And if you’re a guy, we can figure that out later - Excuse me, I’m speaking at you, look at me - God, i wish I could make love to you all at the same time, the guys included it’s okay - Hold on a second, security, buddy, you’re not running the fuking show tonight, I am - You’ve got nice hair buddy, you look like me. You have a good, big one too ? Good, we are brothers- I’m gonna dedicate this song for everybody over here. No? Ok, fine, fuck you, everybody over here. You’re my favorite. Je t’aime. Ma cherie. Ma petite amie - So sexy. You just ruined the myth of swedish women right here. I didn’t know Grandma was coming to the show, guess I’ll see ya backstage, Grandma - Are you offering your gilrfriend to me ? He’s like ” No way buddy “. If you think about it, let me know - You want me to jump ? No, but then you gonna rip my fucking dick off ! And I need my dick ! You understand what I’m saying ? - Wait, should we take our clothes off before we play this song ? Because it’s a very sexy song, have you guys see the video ? I hope you’re eighteen year old when you watch that, i’ts very filty. I don’t wanna be a bad influence on your young lives - By the way, it’s Jared Leto over here, not Abraham Lincoln, and I’m talking. You can come a little closer if you want, I won’t bite, unless you ask nicely - Hurricane ? Sex, fetish, bondage, latex “

42 years of Suavity, poetry and philosophy .


This post is amazing.

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